My Colours, green and red, face paint

My Colours, green and red, face paint


Green & red face paint



In the vibrant spectrum of face paints, our green and red face paint stands out as a dazzling duet of nature’s best. Echoing the spirit of verdant forests paired with the fervour of fiery reds, this dynamic combo ensures you shine in any crowd.

Perfect for fans who love to make a statement, this paint is more than just a blend of colours—it’s an expression of emotions, moments, and memories. Whether you’re celebrating a victory, attending a festival, or letting your creative side take the reins, our face paint becomes the perfect partner in every escapade.

Crafted with utmost care, the safety and quality of our paint is paramount. The creamy texture ensures easy application, letting your imagination run wild, while the hues remain vibrant, capturing every nuance of your spirit.

When festivities or occasions beckon, make sure you’re armed with our green and red face paint. Dive into this world of vivid contrasts and let every brushstroke reflect your unparalleled passion. Be audacious, be vivid, and let your spirit paint the town.

For the dedicated followers of South Sydney Rabbits, this isn’t just about colours; it’s about allegiance. Our South Sydney Rabbits face paint is tailored to mirror the iconic shades of the team, ensuring you’re game-day ready, radiating team spirit at its pinnacle.