Life is better in Colour

“I still remember vividly arriving at the opening match of the 2006 Football World Cup, the ground was awash with colour. The crowd were wearing their team’s football jerseys, with matching Fanbrush™ face paint – it was an amazing and colourful celebration of sport.

“I knew from that moment, that Fanbrush™ was right for the Australian market , and I am very excited that this long-held aspiration has now become a reality.”

-Graeme Marlow, Managing Director



Graeme Marlow
Graeme MarlowManaging Director
“Graeme is an accomplished business leader with sales knowledge and experience second to none” Tom Hopkins, International speaker and best-selling author

Graeme brings to Fanbrush an outstanding track record of success in event management, sales management, sales training, business development, business growth, client base growth, and client retention to enable companies across a diverse range of industries to achieve superior commercial outcomes in demanding environments, with particular focus on the sporting and corporate sectors.