My Colours – Rainbow Mardi Gras face paint

My Colours – Rainbow Mardi Gras face paint


Fanbrush – Rainbow face paint perfect to colour your Mardi Gras

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With our rainbow facepaint, every event becomes a canvas of joy and creativity. Packed with vibrant shades, this face paint lets you wear the spirit of celebration, making every occasion a tad more special.

Getting ready for Mardi Gras? You’re in luck. Our paint perfectly captures the festive Mardi Gras colours, ensuring you fit right into the heart of the celebration. With every hue from the lively parade, you can dance, sing, and celebrate with the right splash of colour.

Ease is key with our paint. It’s simple to apply, ensuring a fun and mess-free experience. The shades stay bright, making sure you shine throughout the event. And once the party’s over? It washes off without a fuss. We value your skin’s health, so we’ve chosen ingredients that are gentle and safe.

So, for days when you want to be the brightest star or just add a dash of colour to your look, our rainbow face paint is your go-to choice. Embrace the colours, enjoy the moments, and let your spirit shine.