My Colours – Blue-Yellow face paint

My Colours – Blue-Yellow face paint


Fanbrush Blue & yellow face paint perfect for supporters of The Parramatta Eels NRL team

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Drench yourself in the combination of our Blue Yellow face paint, a vibrant mix that echoes the spirit of die-hard enthusiasts and the essence of jubilant celebrations. Perfectly capturing the zest of a sunlit day and the depth of the blue sky, this face paint is every enthusiast’s dream come true.

For the dedicated followers of Parramatta Eels, this isn’t just about colours; it’s about allegiance. Our Parramatta Eels face paint is tailored to mirror the iconic shades of the team, ensuring you’re game-day ready, radiating team spirit at its pinnacle.

We prioritize not only the vibrancy of our hues but also their safety. Our formulation ensures skin-friendly application, letting you focus on the game and festivities without a hitch. And when it’s time to wind down, the ease of removal complements the experience.

With our blue-yellow face paint, you’re not just wearing colours; you’re wearing emotions, memories, and moments. Pledge your loyalty, cheer with fervour, and let your colours tell the story.