My Colours – Blue-White face paint

My Colours – Blue-White face paint


Fanbrush – Blue & white face paint for use by supporters Sydney Bulldogs NRL and the Carlton AFL and north Melbourne kangaroos  afl team

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In the realm of face paint, our blue white paint is a tribute to timeless radiance. Two distinct colours merge to create a stylish and vibrant blend. This combination delivers unrivalled versatility, whether you want to make a strong statement or a subtle shimmer.

The deep allure of blue meets the pristine charm of white in our palette. Conversely, the white blue paint offers a nuanced twist, giving enthusiasts a spectrum of options to express themselves. From sporting events to artistic ventures, this dual tone ensures you shine in every setting.

Prioritizing quality and safety, we’ve meticulously crafted this paint. Its texture ensures a smooth glide on the skin while the hues stay radiant throughout your eventful day. And when the day ends, its removal is as effortless as its application.

With our blue-white paint and white-blue paint, every face becomes a canvas, every emotion a shade. Turn moments into memories, and let your true colours shimmer through. Stand out, make an impression, and let your spirit soar.

For the dedicated followers of North Melbourne AFL Team or The Canterbury Bulldogs NRL Team, this isn’t just about colours; it’s about allegiance. Our Blue and White face paint is tailored to mirror the iconic shades of the team, ensuring you’re game-day ready, radiating team spirit at its pinnacle.