We are extremely proud to announce our partnership with Fanbrush™ International to bring their wonderful range of face paints to the local marketplace.

“From the moment I saw thousands of football fans using the product at the Football World Cup, I strongly believed that Fanbrush™ would be embraced locally by a broad range of sporting and community groups,” Graeme Marlow, My Colours Managing Director said.

Fanbrush™, is the first ever multi-line face paint on the market. With hypoallergenic ingredients, the product is safe, clean, quick to use, and removal is easy.

Fanbrush™ can customised with up to 6 colours, and the logo of any school, sporting club, local community group, corporate entity, or sponsor.

My Colours has been granted an exclusive license to represent Fanbrush™ both in Australia and New Zealand.

Our initial launch will coincide with Sydney’s Mardi Gras in February 2022, followed by the winter sporting and events season.

“France and Australia share a passion for both life and sport and we are confident that our products will be embraced by the local marketplace” Pierre Maillé, Chairman of Fanbrush International.