One of the things wrong with today’s marketplace is there’s so much reusing of old ideas.

And what’s worse is these ideas are spun as new.

Great products aren’t copycats which is why MyColours’ introduction of Fanbrush™ products to the Australasian market is such a game-changer.

“Taking a look at the Australian face paint market and you notice one thing very quickly,” MyColours Managing Director Graeme Marlow says.

“There is a huge gap in quality and I strongly believe we have filled that gap by introducing a product that challenges the norms, breaks conventions, and encourages diversity.”

Speaking with Mr Marlow, you notice something very quickly.

He and his team don’t want to just play the game – they are hellbent on changing the game.

“The goal was to create our place within the face paint market in Australasia with innovative products,” Mr Marlow said.

“Introducing Fanbrush™ is about superiorly serving the market by connecting with the emotions and heartstrings of our customers which has seen us embraced by the market as we continue to serve our passionate fanbase.”

And there may be no more tribal fanbase than the Australian sporting landscape with the love of our teams intrinsically connected to our DNA.

“Our products are perfect for fans of all walks of life including AFL, NRL, A-League, Tennis, World Cups, State of Origin and so much more,” Mr Marlow said.

“But our ability to tap into those overriding emotions of the public goes so much deeper than that.

“It’s about being proud of who we are and showing the world our vibrancy throughout parades like Mardi Gras, St Partick’s Day or any other event that we hold dear to our hearts.”

Not to mention the very real need of using a tested and proven safe face paint for us and our loved ones – which is exactly what you get with MyColours’ extensive range.

All MyColours products are hypoallergenic, meaning the product is safe, clean, quick to use, and removal is easy.

“When we decided to bring Fanbrush™ products to Australasia, product safety was paramount,” Mr Marlow said.

“And it’s a product for the whole family, there is no better counterpart to the Australian way of life.

“It’s about celebrating life. Come and celebrate life with us.”